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Look What We Found when We Planted Seeds of Curiosity! | Malvika Bajaj Saini
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Our heritage has always played a pivotal role in shaping society, but with the onset of technology and fast paced development, it is on the verge of being forgotten by the generations to come. This book is an attempt at engaging the youth of tomorrow into learning about yesterday in a fun manner through thoughtful interpretations and an interactive experience.

Book series- UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India
Edited by Narayani Gupta
Curated by Ruturaj Parikh
Published by Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd. | Roshni Children's Books
Produced in association with Tata Trusts and UNESCO. Supported by PARAG.
What does the mention of a history book bring to mind? More than likely, it conjures up images of yawn-inducing, boring readings of dates and events in history classes at school. Well, here is an endeavour at least beyond the textbooks, to make association with history a fun idea.

For the first time in India, Mapin Publishing has brought out five books for children, about UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in India. Currently, India has 37 World Heritage Sites, and going by the enthusiasm of the creative group, the pace of inscribing World Heritage Sites would soon have to keep up with the swiftness of the team weaving stories around the sites! This initiative by Roshni Children's Books and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), is supported by Parag (Tata Trusts), and edited by Narayani Gupta. Kindling interest in young minds is an effective way forward for our heritage. These books evolve out of the simple rationale of exploring together and invoking curiosity in a child's mind. It is no wonder what fantastically varied forms can be reaped from these seeds sown early.


Reimagining Landscapes
Identity | Approach | Stewardship
Isola 13th annual conference, Kochi, 2019

Rajesh George, Nupur Prothi Khanna and Nikhil Dhar

Remembering Nimish

Sohan Nilkanth

ecology & environment
Mapping a waste treatment landscape
East Kolkata wetlands

Dhruba Das Gupta

Land & Water
Udaipur: The city of lakes

Rupal Rathore

Lakes of Delhi
Intekhab Alam


Garden of the unexpected

Eyes on the canal
Buckingham canal open-ideas competition

A site to behold

Sujata Kohli

Sustainable designs, unique identities

In Conversation with Shyam Khandekar

Imagining landscapes of social and
Ecological resilience

In conversation with Breck Gastinger

view from within
Those old days in these new Times

Geeta Wahi Dua

landscape design
Weaving culture through the Landscape
Tata Consultancy Services, Mihan, Nagpur

LSG Landscape Architecture and Green Space Alliance [GSA]

VILLA 270°
Harne, Dapoli, Maharashtra

Sparrow Landscape Initiative

seeing the unseen
Stories of everyday, everywhere and for everyone


book review
Look what we found when we planted seeds
Of curiosity!
UNESCO World heritage sites of India series

Review by Malvika Bajaj Saini


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