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Gaitonde: The spirit of His Painting | Narendra Dengle
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Gaitonde possessed a vision that transcends all things realistic to showcase a contemplative display of the concept of space. His depiction of the objective world through a lens of personal experience and perception made it so that his paintings hovered on the edge of abstractionism; just removed enough so as to be subject to each spectator's own comprehension.
How does one see Gaitonde's paintings? For someone who wants to 'understand' a painting or discuss why it is 'beautiful' or otherwise should there be a basic prerequisite of having seen paintings earlier? Does one need to know 'abstract art' in order to appreciate Gaitonde's work or any other for that matter? Yes and no. Yes, because if one has seen and learnt about it one is cultured enough to possess the eye. For instance, if one has never heard Indian classical music before it may be difficult to have any aesthetic experience of it immediately in the first encounter. No, because the same may be an impediment having conditioned one's visual perception. Gaitonde became a hallmark in the history of Indian painting for the path he chose and the turns within it, for the manner in which he painted, and the uncompromising conviction of his insight, all of which further made mythical by the person.


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